Our Musicians: John Foden & Tom Barnes

As part of the Wellington Region’s 60th Celebrations in 2021, a small team has been gathering information relating to the Region’s history.

This ongoing project aims to build a historical resource, and in so doing, honour all the people who’ve been a part of the Region’s history.

Those who attended the Wellington Region’s 60th Ball this year, had the opportunity to enjoy viewing some of the historical photos and videos collected and digitised by the project team and other volunteers.

There’s been an exciting development – we’ve received material from the families of two Scottish Country Dance musicians who played in the 1980s, fiddler John Foden and accordionist Tom Barnes.

Margaret Foden has shared some of her personal photos, and Sono Barnes has donated cassette tapes of Tom and John playing for various Scottish Country Dancing events. These are valuable additions to the Region’s archival collection, many thanks to both for giving us this window into our Scottish Country Dance musicians.

Wellington Scottish Country Dance musicians (from left), Roger, Tom Barnes,
John Foden and Merren Simmonds at the Cambridge Queen’s Birthday Weekend School in June 1984 with Mairi-Helen Jamieson as MC

If you have material you could share with, or donate to the region’s Archives Project, or recollections of those times, please email Region committee member Philippa Pointon

Kristin Downey

Originally published in Harbour City Happenings Volume 24 No. 4, December 2021