Scottish Country Dancing is a fun way to get fit and make new friends – all with toe-tapping Celtic music!

There’s nothing more lively to get you going than Scottish music played on fiddles, accordions and the keyboard! You can’t do better than moving to music.

Scottish Country Dancing is a fun social activity usually in groups of six or eight – not individual as in Highland dancing. You don’t need to have tartan blood to get caught up with it! You’ll just feel you have to dance!

There’s no need to come with a partner – but you may like to come along with a friend to share the experience. And you’re sure to make more friends – Scottish Country dancers are a friendly lot!

Adult or child, you can join in. Beginners are always helped along the way – some clubs hold Beginners’ classes in February to get into gear for clubs starting the dance season in March.

There are some children’s groups too.

Watch the video below from Wellington dancer Pat Reesby to see the smiles and laughter and hear the Scottish music played on fiddles, accordions and drums!

So grab a pair of soft shoes (if you have some handy) and head off for a new adventure – definitely fun and it will help to keep you fit too!

You can have a go at Scottish Country dancing on virtually any night of the week. There are 11 clubs around the Wellington Region from the city to as far afield as Kapiti and Carterton, where you can dance from March to November each year. New dancers are welcome at any club, any time.

The Wellington Region has many social dances through the dancing year, usually on a Saturday evening. Dancers visiting from other parts of New Zealand or abroad are most welcome to join us at club nights or social dances.

Our clubs are affiliated via the Wellington Region to the New Zealand Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. The Society was established in 1923 by its co-founders to protect and promote the standards of Scottish Country dancing. Today it is an international organisation headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland catering to the needs of some 25,000 members. Scottish country dancing is a common pastime for thousands of people around the world – come join us!

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