History: Event Stories


2021 Hogmanay
2020 Hogmanay
2014 Hogmanay
2013 Hogmanay
2010 Hogmanay
2008 Hogmanay
1992 Hogmanay

New Dancers’ Celebration

2023 New Dancers Celebration (Carterton)
2022 New Dancers’ Celebration (Johnsonville)
2020 New Dancers’ Celebration (Waikanae)
2016 New Dancers’ Celebration (Lower Hutt)
2014 New Dancers’ Celebration (Upper Hutt)
2012 New Dancers’ Celebration (Carterton)


2023 Lower North Island RSCDS Centenary Ball
2021 Wellington 60th Anniversary Ball
2014 1920s Ball: Loralee Hyde
2012 Diamond Jubilee Ball at Government House
2003 Wellington-Hawke’s Bay Association 50th Anniversary Ball
1993 Wellington-Hawke’s Bay Association 40th Jubilee
1973 RSCDS Golden Anniversary Ball and other celebrations: Edith Campbell

Other Region Events

2023 An afternoon of Early Wellington Dances
2010 Good Neighbours (Guid Nychburris) Festival
2009 Wildlife Fun Camp
2003 Wellington Region Anzac Weekend School
1997 One Fun Camp
1993 Top Event
1991 Happyning

Summer Dancing

2021 Summer Dancing: Robert Vale
Percy Reserve: Summer Dancing from 1955-1999