Celebrating 60

The 60th Anniversary of the Wellington Region was celebrated on Saturday 7 August with a Dinner and Dance at the Lower Hutt Town Hall. It was a fabulous night and fantastic to see friends who no longer dance join with those who do. From the welcome at the door, involving a piper, bubbles and dance cards, to the last chord played by Wild Heather the smiles were evident and the warmth and friendship which Scottish Country Dancing offers was felt by all.

The night commemorated 60 years of the  Wellington District Branch of the NZ Scottish Country Dance Society which had its inaugural meeting on 21 November 1961. Not only did we commemorate our beginnings, but we celebrated the vibrant Scottish Country Dance scene in the Wellington Region and remembered the contribution of the many dedicated teachers, musicians, devisors and committee members that over the years have willingly given their time and talents to dancing in the Region.

Thank you all who have contributed to the last 60 years and to a successful and very enjoyable evening. I hope you enjoy the photos, videos and memories from this event, and many other nights of dancing, over the years to come.

Ann Oliver, President RSCDS Wellington Region

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