Region History: Stories

Lower North Island RSCDS Centenary Ball: Devisers and their Dances Stories of the devisers and dances on the programme for the Lower North Island RSCDS Centenary Ball on 4 November 2023, compiled by Iain Boyd and Rod Downey. Almost all New Zealand devisers who have had dances published by the Society had one dance included in this programme. Where available, photos/videos of the devisers/their dance/the subject of their dance are included (the majority of the photos/videos were taken in the Lower North Island), compiled by Loralee Hyde.

The Early Years A history of the early years of Scottish Country Dancing in the Wellington Region compiled from NZ Scottish Country Dancer magazines by Kristin Downey as part of the Region’s 60th celebrations in 2021.

Old Videos: As part of the celebration of 60 years dancing in the Wellington Region in 2021, the Region Committee paid for the digitisation of several old films and videos of dancing in the Region.